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Dana Goldstein

CEO Your video marketing authority.

When I was 6, I was sent to my room and told not to read, not to color, not to do anything but sit on my bed and think about what I had done.  Roughly 30 minutes later, my mother heard me in my bedroom, talking.  She burst into my room, demanding to know who I was talking to.  ”You told me I couldn’t do anything,” I replied, “so I’ve been telling myself stories.”

My passion for story-telling propelled me into a career in journalism.  I worked in print media first, then moved into television and film writing, editing and videography.  Marriage, kids and life moved me into other directions but I continued to hone my skills as an editor and visual story-teller. I turned down repeated requests from my corporate clients to do any videography myself, letting my fear stop me.

And then, when the stories in my head could no longer be ignored, I decided to take the leap back into videography.

After a cathartic weekend of filming, I realized that I was back where I belonged – behind the camera.  My skills as an editor, writer and videographer make a great combination for you and your business. Digital Shoebox is Calgary’s leader in video production for small to medium business. I made it my mission to create professional, affordable video for businesses on a budget. I am ready to tell your story.