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Want your profile to stand out? Add animation.

Want your profile to stand out? Add animation.

Animated video continues to grow in popularity


Over the last year, ChicFlicks has seen a tremendous rise in requests for animated video. Creators love animated video because it allows us to remove the limits of live video and really flex our imaginations. Clients love it because it is easily digestible, highly shareable and can give you an edge over your competitors.

On a psychological level, animations appeal to many senses because they are a mixture of sound, vision, movement, colours and text. That is why, as kids, we found Saturday morning cartoons so captivating: our brains respond well to the mix of visual and auditory stimulation.

In response to what our clients want, we are now offering an animated profile video that can be used in email, on social media profiles, your website and on LinkedIn. These videos are media rich, incorporate an animated version of yourself and highlight your top 4 skills in an engaging visual template.

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