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Who do you think you are?

For the entire month of September, I'll be sharing some insights into how you can take advantage of what you know and share your message through video. There's a buzzword that you've already heard and may find yourself wondering how it can apply to you and your business: BRANDING. If you've ever taken a marketing class, you know that branding is not a new concept. There are some heavy hitters in branding case studies: the Nike swoosh, the Target bulls eye, the Apple, um, apple, but branding how now been expanded to cover more than just an eye-catching vector. When it comes

Playing with numbers

This post started off as a Facebook status update.  When I had to scroll up to see what I typed, I decided to transfer this into a blog post.   Here's a funny story: I was solicited by a major brand to test and blog about their product. After some emails and a really engaging phone conversation, I was feeling great energy. The rep said I was easy to talk to and had a really good grasp of the product and clearly was familiar with how to use the product. The phone call was followed up with an email asking me for

The Great Calgary Flood of 2013

Watching the power of nature flood my city and favourite mountain retreat was not on my bucket list It has been a very trying 2 days.  I watched in disbelief as my beloved mountain retreat, Canmore, AB, was washed away.  I could not process the devastation and the destruction I was seeing in photos and on television. Then, High River started to feel the wrath of nature.  A 40-minute drive from my house, I was in High River recently to visit a close friend in the hospital. Then we started to feel the pinch in Calgary.  Lots of rain, storm sewers overflowing,

You never forget your first

I had the good fortune to meet J'Val Shuster when I delivered a little presentation about video and your business at a full-day workshop.  I had heard of Devour Events & Catering and I knew a lot of people who knew J'Val, but out paths had never crossed.  When we finally got to speak, I could feel the mutual respect and admiration. When she requested a meeting shortly after, I was thrilled to be able to discuss, develop and follow through on a video agenda for this most amazing catering company.  I was hungry (pun intended) for the job.  I was

You’ll Just Know

When you jump in with fear, you'll know if it's right.  We hear the saying all the time: when you meet the right person, you'll know. I thought I knew when I met my first husband. But now that it's all said and really done, I knew deep down we were not right for each other. When I met my second husband, I knew for sure that this was THE GUY! I know he knew it too when, on our very first date, I told him he was full of shit, and he laughed at me when he explained why there was a