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5 Things To Do To Make Your Blog More User Friendly (and improve SEO as a bonus)

Spring cleaning is in the air, and as we sweep away the cobwebs of winter, it's a good time to have a look at your business blog. I've been working with some new clients to review and assess their blogs. It helps to have an objective opinion, someone who is skilled in identifying what would resonate with your desired client. If you have more than 5 years of blog content, you should start reviewing what's there. Dumping old, irrelevant content will speed up your website, making it easier for users to find what they need. As an added bonus, cleaning

5 Reasons you need to build a video library for your business

Here's a simple yes or no answer question: Do you have a video library of generic footage for you business? If you answered "No", then you need to correct that. There is so much value in having b-roll footage ready to use at any time and you can build a collection during one day of filming. Here is what you need to know about building a video library. What is b-roll? B-roll is the industry term for footage that can be used anywhere during a video. There is purposeful b-roll - footage that will be used to illustrate what we are hearing in

On-Demand Discovery

It's not that long ago that settling down in front of the television to watch your favourite program was as natural as eating breakfast. When I was a kid, every Saturday night my mom and I would sit on the couch, TV tables set up, Swanson frozen dinners fresh out of the oven, to watch The Love Boat. It was one hour of family time, a ritual that lasted for almost a decade. Fifteen years later, I repeated the ritual with my best friend on Thursday nights to watch friends, Frasier, and ER. Instead of dinner, we shared chips and

Paid advertising: 5 Questions to ask before you buy

Have you been approached for a paid advertising opportunity? This is a growing sector in direct marketing and this is how it works:A company or a representative calls you, leaving a message (because, really, do any of us answer our phones anymore?) telling you they'd love to spread the word about your fab business.Sometimes, they mention your company name, sometimes it's clear they are reading from a generic script, and other times it's an eerily human-sounding AI call. It doesn't matter who makes the call, the goal is the same: to take your money in exchange for exposure. Many of these

Timelapse Storytelling

What it is about time lapse that keeps up captivated?   There is one video that plays in my mind when I think of time lapse. It was shot in 2013, from a construction site in Calgary, Alberta. The new National Music Centre was under construction, and a camera was mounted at the site. This is not uncommon on construction sites. Cameras are in use to capture the evolution of the development and also as a form of security. No one could have anticipated what this camera at the NMC would film. After several days of rain, the city of Calgary experienced the worst

Maintaining the story on silent mode

Your video needs to tell the same story no matter how it's viewed Here's an important lesson: your video should tell the same story whether it's played with or without sound. It's the b-roll footage - the video shots that fill in the blanks or add visual interest to a talking head interview - that plays a critical role here. Our brains are not built to process visual and audio at the same time. Evidence of that can be found in our daily lives: bits of conversations missed when our attention was on our phone or the attention-grabbing silence of a