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Tips, stories, and video in today's changing world.

Why you cannot ignore Facebook Live

Literally and figuratively, Facebook Live is in your face. And your news feed.   Video has taken over Facebook. With 1.5 billion daily users and viewers spending on average 3X longer watching live video broadcasts than native video uploads, Facebook Live is a vital part of any social media video strategy.  As a page owner, if you want your fans, or potential clients to see what you have to offer, you need to integrate Facebook Live into your marketing plan. Facebook is favouring live video in the news feeds, and even one live video can boost your business page into the timeline. More than


How Animated Video Brings New Clients to Visions Applied

I recently completed an animated video for a company called Visions Applied in Clearwater, Florida. Owner Dianne Allen was revamping her business and her website, and wanted an animated video to be featured on the home page. Animated video can be expensive to produce, but ChicFlicks offers affordable solutions for those who don't want a traditional video or don't have the generous budget required for a drawn-from-scratch animated video. I started with a discovery call with Dianne so I could better understand her vision for video. We talked about her clients, what they love about working with her, what her mission is

The value of adding a virtual pass to your event

You've spent countless hours planning your event. Your speakers are lined up, your sales page is open to the public, you are refreshing your browser and watching the ticket sales. But you've also been receiving emails from people who have other plans the same day as your event. People will be out of town, or do not have the financial resources required to travel. The world is so connected to the internet, it would be easy to bring your event to those who cannot be physically present with a virtual pass. Virtual attendees are the fastest growing segment in the conference/meeting/event realm. Offering


I virtually met the author of this story, Carole Parsons Schafer, in 2011, through Twitter. We did not meet IRL until 2014, when she came to Calgary to visit family. Carole exudes energy and fun from the moment you meet her. It came as no surprise to me when she landed an ideal gig as the host of a local fitness program. That's the crazy thing about life: you never know where your journey will take you. Here's Carole's story.   At the age of 50 there’s not much that I thought scared me. But this past summer, I found myself staring down

Video Marketing in the house

Is your business creating video for the right audience? We all know that video marketing is a critical tool for our businesses. YouTube continues to be the most popular platform, but Facebook has been gaining momentum and now has more video uploads than YouTube. Businesses of all sizes should be looking at where the marketing budgets are being spent; marketing departments need to seriously consider creating video campaigns; social media teams need to know what are the top video platforms. Video can be more than just a medium to reach new customers. Companies are now building in-house production teams with the goal of

Video production vs Video marketing – What’s the difference?

There is a defined difference between a video production company and a video marketing agency. You need to know which one you need.   Let me toot my own horn here, right from the start. ChicFlicks is a unique company, not just because of the name. We combine the skills of a video production company with the savvy of a video marketing agency in order to maximize your video spend. Here are the most important distinctions between a video production company and a video marketing agency. A video production company only focusses on the nuts and bolts of your video: The camera equipment The script