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Tips, stories, and video in today's changing world.

NEW SERIES: Through My Lens – Stories of how video impacts your business

A brand new series that gives my clients the spotlight to share how video made an impact, professionally or personally.   While I am a fan of case studies, a number of my clients are in highly competitive fields and are reluctant to share their marketing strategies with the world at large. I can totally respect that since most people don't want to read a lengthy case study anyways. The format of Through My Lens (#throughmylens) will be fluid. Sometimes the story will be in-depth and lengthy. Other posts will be brief and presented in a list format. What I want you to

The Top 3 Video Platforms for 2017

Once you've created video for your business, you need to know where to share it. You cannot be in business these days without having heard about how wonderful video can be for conversion. Everything you've heard is true: product videos can increase purchase intent by as much as 80%; home page videos can keep visitors on your website 2 minutes longer; about me videos can build immediate trust. You've done all the right things: gave your marketing department the go-ahead to add video to the mix, planned your content strategy and  hired a video production company. Your video is shot and edited

Knowing the power of DIY video

Why is DIY video so popular? The answer to the question is so simple. DIY video is hugely accessible to everyone. If you have a smartphone, you have access to a powerful pocket producer. With every updated version, the technological advances are startling. If you own an iPhone 6, you have the ability to shoot 4K video - that is a quality that could only be found in the priciest of professional cameras. Today's consumers are living - and capturing - their lives by the seat of their pants. Literally. On a daily basis, we make the decision to leave our larger cameras

9 steps I took to get over the fear of being in front of the camera

Let's face it - most of us are not meant to have a career in front of the lens, but that doesn't mean you should never step in front of the camera.   When I launched ChicFlicks, I was pissed off. I was tired of my fellow female business owners feeling inadequate and afraid to get in front of the camera. Without fail, every one of them worried about their weight, or hair, or makeup, or sounding stupid. Without fail, every one of them launched a business that was successful, that created income, that helped other people. This was a huge disconnect. And I was

The power of a video testimonial

Take your word of mouth marketing to a higher level with video   Every day, we find ad cards, notepads and fridge magnets inside our mailboxes. But truthfully, how many times have you actually reached out to someone who randomly appeared there among the bills and community news?   Businesses are built on referrals and real-life experience. When you need a lawyer or a real estate agent, do you go straight to your mug cupboard? No. You reach out to your family, friends and community. We put high value in the experiences of people we trust.   Word-of-mouth marketing is more powerful and influential than any

Want your profile to stand out? Add animation.

Animated video continues to grow in popularity   Over the last year, ChicFlicks has seen a tremendous rise in requests for animated video. Creators love animated video because it allows us to remove the limits of live video and really flex our imaginations. Clients love it because it is easily digestible, highly shareable and can give you an edge over your competitors. On a psychological level, animations appeal to many senses because they are a mixture of sound, vision, movement, colours and text. That is why, as kids, we found Saturday morning cartoons so captivating: our brains respond well to the mix of visual and