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Out-Takes & Other Fun

Not your average porn video

When I named my video production company, I wasn't thinking beyond the perception of my core market. I knew the name felt right for my audience and at the beginning, it elicited a positive response from every woman I met. Men, on the other hand, have a very different idea of what I do.

Lights! Camera! Action! Cut!

We have two principal mandates here at ChicFlicks. 1) Making professional video affordable for small to medium businesses. 2) Deliberately taking the stress out of your video shoot. The beauty of being a video editor is that I can see a great story unfolding before my eyes in a non-linear fashion.  What that really means is that I can see how clip 4 will be great when accompanied by clip 183. But it also means that I am privy to every cuss word, every messed up line, and every unguarded moment.  I may be a bit of a devil's advocate though, since I