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On-Demand Discovery

It's not that long ago that settling down in front of the television to watch your favourite program was as natural as eating breakfast. When I was a kid, every Saturday night my mom and I would sit on the couch, TV tables set up, Swanson frozen dinners fresh out of the oven, to watch The Love Boat. It was one hour of family time, a ritual that lasted for almost a decade. Fifteen years later, I repeated the ritual with my best friend on Thursday nights to watch friends, Frasier, and ER. Instead of dinner, we shared chips and

Timelapse Storytelling

What it is about time lapse that keeps up captivated?   There is one video that plays in my mind when I think of time lapse. It was shot in 2013, from a construction site in Calgary, Alberta. The new National Music Centre was under construction, and a camera was mounted at the site. This is not uncommon on construction sites. Cameras are in use to capture the evolution of the development and also as a form of security. No one could have anticipated what this camera at the NMC would film. After several days of rain, the city of Calgary experienced the worst

Building my Audience on YouTube

A little more than a year ago, I made the conscious decision to start creating How-To videos on YouTube. I never could have anticipated what would happen to the Digital Shoebox channel.   My goal was to be helpful to my clients, offering them guidance for editing and filming videos, sharing my video marketing expertise and showing them how to maximize their YouTube channels. Some of the videos were scripted and I filmed them with my proper gear and lighting. For others, especially the videos that were demonstrating a skill, I simply used screen recording software. Sometimes I would add my face

Shooting great video with your mobile phone

If you think you don't have the tools to make a good video, think again, then check your pocket. If you own a current smartphone, then you already have a powerful video producer in your pocket. Today's technology enables anyone to create amazing video, provided you understand the basics, take some time to test the waters and really listen to what your audience is telling you they want to hear from you. If you are serious about creating video for your business and are really committed to doing so yourself, then you need to invest some time and a little bit of


Video Marketing Case Study – Facebook Live Video

How a Facebook Live Strategy brought new business and awareness to Tasha Belix, child psychologist   The Rundown: Tasha Belix and I have been talking about video for a couple of years. I sent a proposal after our first meeting in 2015, but it died on the vine. Tasha, who was still building her signature program, B'Teen Girls, a groundbreaking program for girls ages 9-12, was not yet ready to take the plunge into video. Earlier this year, I ran into Tasha at an event, and she was enthusiastically asking me questions about Facebook Live. What did I know? Could I teach her

Why you cannot ignore Facebook Live

Literally and figuratively, Facebook Live is in your face. And your news feed.   Video has taken over Facebook. With 1.5 billion daily users and viewers spending on average 3X longer watching live video broadcasts than native video uploads, Facebook Live is a vital part of any social media video strategy.  As a page owner, if you want your fans, or potential clients to see what you have to offer, you need to integrate Facebook Live into your marketing plan. Facebook is favouring live video in the news feeds, and even one live video can boost your business page into the timeline. More than


I virtually met the author of this story, Carole Parsons Schafer, in 2011, through Twitter. We did not meet IRL until 2014, when she came to Calgary to visit family. Carole exudes energy and fun from the moment you meet her. It came as no surprise to me when she landed an ideal gig as the host of a local fitness program. That's the crazy thing about life: you never know where your journey will take you. Here's Carole's story.   At the age of 50 there’s not much that I thought scared me. But this past summer, I found myself staring down

The Top 3 Video Platforms for 2017

Once you've created video for your business, you need to know where to share it. You cannot be in business these days without having heard about how wonderful video can be for conversion. Everything you've heard is true: product videos can increase purchase intent by as much as 80%; home page videos can keep visitors on your website 2 minutes longer; about me videos can build immediate trust. You've done all the right things: gave your marketing department the go-ahead to add video to the mix, planned your content strategy and  hired a video production company. Your video is shot and edited

Facebook Video: Do you know where your clients are?

If your clients are on Facebook, that's where you need to park your video. Last year, ChicFlicks created a video for Leadership Matters, highlighting one of the summer camps offered to children. We parked the video on YouTube and the company website. There was moderate traffic to both sites. With the growth of Facebook video, I advised my client to upload the video directly to that social media platform. Leadership Matters did just that, and made the decision to allocate a moderate budget to promoting the video. After less than a week, the view count is over 2,000. Considering the target market for the summer camps, using


Video Marketing Case Study – Facebook Video

How Canada Rail Vacations used Facebook to launch a video The Rundown: Since 1995, Canada Rail Vacations has been creating custom "trips of a lifetime" through the Canadian landscape. Their specialty is creating exciting rail vacations using the world-acclaimed Rocky Mountaineer train, a two-day, all daylight rail journey through Canada’s West and the Canadian Rockies. After hiring ChicFlicks to create 15 FAQ videos and a welcome video, Canada Rail Vacations was ready to move on to the next project. The rail travel company hired ChicFlicks to edit a Rocky Moutaineer video and customize it for use across various platforms. The video needed to combine sweeping