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They like me, they really really like me

On the road with a woman who hears voices. From the dead.

Earlier this spring, I spent three days on the road with Jennie Ogilvie. Jennie is a spiritual medium, which is a benign way to say she talks to dead people. I've always been on the fence about this, straddled between wanting to believe and rolling my eyes. I also believe in following your gut (though I don't always listen -  ask me about my first marriage), which is how Jennie and I ended up filming a pilot. FOR A TV SERIES!!! Jennie and I were loosely connected via our respective networks. When she popped into my WomenTalk circle, I felt compelled to reach out, so

How the movie theatre survives

Movie theatres should have died five years ago. The price for a family of four was no longer reasonable, the concession cost more than admittance, and you had to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to show start so you weren't stuck with seats in the front row. The floors were always sticky and gross, battle lines were drawn over arm rests, and you had to contort your body or hug your popcorn bag while trying not to spill your drink as you rose to let someone pass. Why did we tolerate this nonsense? It's simple. Going to the movies was an experience,

Life without the web: A resource guide for anyone under 35

Today, the World Wide Web is 30 years old. Two and a half decades of evolution since computer users were first able to use their phone lines (landline for those who have never had one) to connect remotely to a bulletin board or a newsgroup (an early version of a forum). Life moves much faster now, and for the better. Everything is accessible, searchable, shareable. When the internet began spreading it's fingers in 1989, people were ready. The lavish excess of the 80s demanded that we have the latest of anything, but we were also on the verge of a

9 steps I took to get over the fear of being in front of the camera

Let's face it - most of us are not meant to have a career in front of the lens, but that doesn't mean you should never step in front of the camera.   When I launched ChicFlicks, I was pissed off. I was tired of my fellow female business owners feeling inadequate and afraid to get in front of the camera. Without fail, every one of them worried about their weight, or hair, or makeup, or sounding stupid. Without fail, every one of them launched a business that was successful, that created income, that helped other people. This was a huge disconnect. And I was

Appreciating your Business Bullies

When confronted with a business bully, do you fight or flee?   Something happened this week that left me really bothered. I should note that there is a good chance the subject will read this posting, but I won't be silenced by fear. What started off as a collaborative conversation, quickly turned ugly. After a few minutes of friendly conversation, I found myself holding the receiver to my ear while I listened to the other party raise their voice from urgent to outright yelling in my ear. I couldn't get a word in, and I felt myself getting angry that I was unable

The surprise bucket list item

I was caught completely off guard by a recent trip to a sandbar in the Caribbean Sea. As part of a port excursion that included swimming with dolphins, we were treated to a rickety boat ride for almost an hour. I was tired and hungry, and mentally berating myself for not having read the fine print about what this excursion involved. All I saw was Ride the Dolphins and visit Stingray City and I clicked "Buy". I mean, really, who doesn't want to swim with dolphins? Stingray City conjured up images of a badly maintained facility where little stingrays raised in captivity

Small business week ends with just desserts

How I stirred things up at the end of small business week in Calgary Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge champion of small business. If you own a small to medium business, I will be your champion, your cheerleader and your supporter. I have spent the last 7 years teaching my kids the value of shopping small, and tonight, they got to witness that in practice. As part of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce's small business week events, I had the opportunity to visit Fiasco Gelato, tour their modest facility and taste some freshly made gelato and sorbetto. The energy

Two Videographers walk into a bar…

People say you can't trust anything you read or anyone you meet on the Internet. I'm calling BS. For the last 3 years, I've been engaging in social media conversations with Carole Parsons of SugarCMedia. We've lived in neighbouring towns, shared a lot of the same friends (most of whom we've met through social media) and attended some of the same events. For one reason or another, our paths just never crossed in real life. This week, Carole came to Calgary, and I made damn sure I cleared my schedule so we could finally meet. There are not a lot of female video

Growing up with Mork

I normally just shrug my shoulders and carry on when I read about a celebrity death. But when I heard about the death of Robin Williams, my heart started to hurt just a little bit. I never met the man, but I feel a connection none the less. I grew up with Mork. Mork and Mindy is the first sitcom I can remember. I was 8 years old when the show started - the age when pop culture really started to become a part of my life. I completely understood Mork - the alien, sometimes isolated and grossly misunderstood visitor. The awkward conversations,