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Video Marketing Tips

How video marketing can be like the best frozen yogurt

Are you ever really satisfied with just plain froyo? Probably not, and with video marketing, more toppings means a more fulfilling experience.   Plain Run of the mill, one flavour only. Boring. If you only ever create one video, don't anticipate much action. That's like having vanilla frozen yogurt every single time you go the shop. Mix it up a bit. If you can't afford a double scoop, add some flavour with live or DIY video.   Plain with Chocolate Sauce Saucy, but safe. You can sweeten your one video by running it through an editor. If possible, add another layer of interest to your video with some

The value of adding a virtual pass to your event

You've spent countless hours planning your event. Your speakers are lined up, your sales page is open to the public, you are refreshing your browser and watching the ticket sales. But you've also been receiving emails from people who have other plans the same day as your event. People will be out of town, or do not have the financial resources required to travel. The world is so connected to the internet, it would be easy to bring your event to those who cannot be physically present with a virtual pass. Virtual attendees are the fastest growing segment in the conference/meeting/event realm. Offering

Video Marketing in the house

Is your business creating video for the right audience? We all know that video marketing is a critical tool for our businesses. YouTube continues to be the most popular platform, but Facebook has been gaining momentum and now has more video uploads than YouTube. Businesses of all sizes should be looking at where the marketing budgets are being spent; marketing departments need to seriously consider creating video campaigns; social media teams need to know what are the top video platforms. Video can be more than just a medium to reach new customers. Companies are now building in-house production teams with the goal of

Video production vs Video marketing – What’s the difference?

There is a defined difference between a video production company and a video marketing agency. You need to know which one you need.   Let me toot my own horn here, right from the start. ChicFlicks is a unique company, not just because of the name. We combine the skills of a video production company with the savvy of a video marketing agency in order to maximize your video spend. Here are the most important distinctions between a video production company and a video marketing agency. A video production company only focusses on the nuts and bolts of your video: The camera equipment The script

The Top 3 Video Platforms for 2017

Once you've created video for your business, you need to know where to share it. You cannot be in business these days without having heard about how wonderful video can be for conversion. Everything you've heard is true: product videos can increase purchase intent by as much as 80%; home page videos can keep visitors on your website 2 minutes longer; about me videos can build immediate trust. You've done all the right things: gave your marketing department the go-ahead to add video to the mix, planned your content strategy and  hired a video production company. Your video is shot and edited

How to shape your video content to your ideal client

Crafting your ideal avatar story will steer your video content in the right direction   When you think about adding video to your marketing mix, it's not enough to just shoot a video, post it on your site and hope for the best. You need to start the process by really knowing who your ideal client is and what problem you are specifically solving. Before you turn on the camera, a worthy exercise is to tell your ideal client story in as much detail as possible. Take time to consider every part of the client story - age, gender, profession, hobbies, family unit,

Measuring the ROI of video

As business owners, we want to know the ROI of everything I am asked these 3 questions almost daily: Is DIY video okay? What's the best place to put my video? How do I know if my video is working? These three questions can be drilled down into the core question of "What is the ROI (return on investment) of video?". The answers to those questions will have a direct effect on your business and can be a insightful measure of the performance of your website, your social media and your video. Your ROI can be measured by the amount of effort, planning and choices you

How to match video content to marketing goals

Before diving into video creation, know the purpose of your video. We are all guilty of making the same mistake: we know we need video to help our business grow, so we just create whatever we can to build our presence. The problem with this scenario is that video with no guided purpose is a waste of time and money. If you don't know what your video is supposed to do for your business, your potential clients won't have any idea either. Your video content needs to be a part of your bigger picture marketing goals. Set your goals for video and make

Employee Generated Video Content

Employee Generated Video (EGV) isn't just good for business. It's good for your employees. As a business owner, you already know the value of video and how it can help your business grow. But if you do not have an in-house creative team or a production crew, the most logical place to turn is to your employees. This form of INSOURCING is invaluable, not only for the content your staff will generate, but for the morale boosting qualities inherent in an exercise that empowers employees to take control. EGV Boosts Employee Morale EGV can be magical for your team. Not only will it encourage your

Facebook Video: Do you know where your clients are?

If your clients are on Facebook, that's where you need to park your video. Last year, ChicFlicks created a video for Leadership Matters, highlighting one of the summer camps offered to children. We parked the video on YouTube and the company website. There was moderate traffic to both sites. With the growth of Facebook video, I advised my client to upload the video directly to that social media platform. Leadership Matters did just that, and made the decision to allocate a moderate budget to promoting the video. After less than a week, the view count is over 2,000. Considering the target market for the summer camps, using