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Employee Generated Video Content

Employee Generated Video Content

Employee Generated Video (EGV) isn’t just good for business. It’s good for your employees.

As a business owner, you already know the value of video and how it can help your business grow.

But if you do not have an in-house creative team or a production crew, the most logical place to turn is to your employees. This form of INSOURCING is invaluable, not only for the content your staff will generate, but for the morale boosting qualities inherent in an exercise that empowers employees to take control.

EGV Boosts Employee Morale

EGV can be magical for your team. Not only will it encourage your best team members to rise to the top, it will inspire others to come along for the ride. Even if the job is a boring office job, like the one portrayed in the video below.

EGV Encourages Employee Participation

Employee generated video is great for enhancing the employee experience and for improving employee engagement within the company. When IBM implemented EGV into the company, less than 0.1% of the workforce produced their own videos. But within a month of the content launching, employees shared the videos internally nearly 4,800 times and left 3,212 comments.

EGV Improves Internal Relationships

Some of the best videos produced in-house are those which demonstrate that every department has it’s own challenges. Video that highlights employee stories and perspectives adds a human element to the workplace.

Tips for getting the best content out of your employees

1) Someone needs to act as the content ambassador. This doesn’t mean that someone tells everyone what to do; the ambassador simply ensures that content flows consistently and becomes part of the company culture.

2) Employees need to be given the green light to create content in their own style and using their own methods. If Chuck likes to create video with his smartphone while he’s having lunch, embrace and encourage that.

3) Management needs to be flexible and committed and needs to be on camera to demonstrate they are all-in allowing time to produce content. One of the key elements in this is recognizing that employees beyond the executive level have great expertise worth sharing.

Employee generated video has many applications – education and training, promotion, contests, internal announcements and anything your staff care to share. There is a lot of knowledge at those desks, and you should do everything you can to encourage your employees to share what they know though video.