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Excuse me, but where is the person I saw on YouTube?

Excuse me, but where is the person I saw on YouTube?

When crafting your business video identity, there is one important message you need to convey:


We hear a lot of buzz about being the most awesome YOU you can be, that nobody can be YOU better than you, that YOU are your brand. It is all true, and when it comes to video, you need to be the


If you want to create a persona for a video series, then come up with something that reflects your values. If you are fun and flirty, then your video should be light-hearted and fun. If you want to connect with large corporations, then your video needs to deliver your message with a more serious tone.

Adding video to your marketing mix is about more than just selling your services or products. It’s about telling your story, showing your vulnerabilities, letting people see what you look like. No one connects with a faceless company – the biggest brands have (or had) a spokesperson (remember The Colonel from KFC?  How about the gecko from Geico Insurance?). Your clients want to feel your passion, understand your commitment, and sense your personal spin on things.  

When you finally engage and book that meeting, your clients want to meet the person they’ve seen on video, not a complete stranger.

Your video needs to be sincere.  It needs to reach out rather than sell.  When you tell YOUR story in YOUR voice, your video audience will want to watch the whole way through because you made them feel comfortable about choosing you and your brand.