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Facebook Video: Do you know where your clients are?

Facebook Video: Do you know where your clients are?

If your clients are on Facebook, that’s where you need to park your video.

Last year, ChicFlicks created a video for Leadership Matters, highlighting one of the summer camps offered to children.

We parked the video on YouTube and the company website. There was moderate traffic to both sites.

With the growth of Facebook video, I advised my client to upload the video directly to that social media platform. Leadership Matters did just that, and made the decision to allocate a moderate budget to promoting the video.

After less than a week, the view count is over 2,000. Considering the target market for the summer camps, using Facebook video promotion was the smart move.

39b99ddIf your target market hangs out on Facebook, then you should consider uploading – or creating – short form video and spending some of your advertising dollars on a sponsored post.