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How to a leverage a speaker reel, even if you never take the mic again

How to a leverage a speaker reel, even if you never take the mic again

A speaker reel is an important part of any marketing plan, even if you have zero aspirations of being in the spotlight.


Over the last couple of years, I’ve watched business owners take their first trepidatious steps to the microphone, swallow back their fear, force out a breath of anxiety and just go. They’ve told their stories, spread their philosophies, and shared their knowledge. I’m no stranger to the microphone myself, especially since I turned my camera lens on myself more than 7 years ago. It was an uncomfortable experience, but after the first half dozen or so, it just stopped being weird.

If you asked me if I ever saw myself in front of a microphone, I would have laughed and made some self-effacing joke about how I need to learn to apply my makeup properly first (I’m still a minimalist in this department, thanks to my mother who favoured the Mimi look from Drew Carey). In junior high, I could barely give a presentation to 15 kids who shared my classroom for 8 years without feeling the need to void my bladder. In group presentations in high school, I happily volunteered to do the bulk of the research and writing in exchange for avoiding any speaking role.

But these days, I love the mic. I rock the mic. I have even been photographed trying to make out with the mic. In the last year, I’ve had 11 speaking and/or teaching gigs, and I’ve been fortunate enough to film other speakers as they delivered their messages, all with the intent of creating a speaker highlight reel. Most of these clients had no aspirations of speaking professionally, but a spark was ignited after their first, second or sixth time in front of a room. 

A speaker reel is a valuable tool, and can lead to more speaking engagements. If you want to be a professional speaker on the circuit, your reel can be the starting point for improving your form, your language and your delivery. A reel can be an audition for big events, or a promotional tool for your own event.

A powerful marketing tool

Even if you never want to step in front of the microphone ever again, a speaker reel has value.

  • You can use the video as part of your email signature.
  • You can integrate the video into multiple marketing streams.
  • It’s a nice feature on a landing page.
  • Short snippets can be rolled out on social media.

So the next time you are in front of a room – whether you are sharing or teaching, consider hiring Digital Shoebox to capture the footage and create a video that extends your reach, expands your audience and brings you – and your business – into the spotlight.


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