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How to leverage your media appearances

How to leverage your media appearances

I hear this question often: I was on the news, now what?

When you – or your business – is featured on the news, it is a very big deal. VERY BIG. If you are like most humans, getting the call or the email asking you to appear on television, speak on the radio, or be featured in print sent you into a tizzy of emotions. You were over-the-moon excited and wanted to tell everyone you know about this news. Then you moved into anxiety over what to wear, whether or not to have makeup professionally done and what you would say. Stage 3 of this ride is all about the panic of your website crashing from the traffic, your voicemail filling up and an unmanageable inbox.

The reality is this: No one will be as excited as you are. Very few people you know will be watching or listening live or seeking out the article. And you website, voicemail and email will be fine. There will be a blip, yes, but it won’t be instant. Your 15 minutes of fame will come and go in a flash.

What’s really important is what happens after the media coverage. What do you do now?

You leverage the shit out of that appearance, interview or article.

If you didn’t ask for a link before you left the studio or when the interview was finished, you’ll need to connect with the person who reached out to you in the first place. Media outlets are happy to give out the link to their programs, magazines or newspapers. All you have to do is ask. ONce you have that link, here are the top 3 ways to get the most mileage out of that appearance.

  1. Let your list know. If you have an email list, create a newsletter or email highlighting that appearance. If you have a cycle for your newsletter, break it and treat this appearance like the big deal it is.
  2. Ask your vendors to share. Did your appearance or interview feature any products? If so, you’ll want to reach out to your vendors to let them know and ask them to share. Take it a step further and craft an email the vendor can send out to their list.
  3. Use your social media channels. Share it everyone. Choose appropriate hashtags. Tag people and businesses who you mentioned or who asked you to let them know when they could watch/listen/read.

And don’t forget to place the link or embedded video on your website, preferably on a new Media page.