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How to match video content to marketing goals

How to match video content to marketing goals

Before diving into video creation, know the purpose of your video.

We are all guilty of making the same mistake: we know we need video to help our business grow, so we just create whatever we can to build our presence.

The problem with this scenario is that video with no guided purpose is a waste of time and money. If you don’t know what your video is supposed to do for your business, your potential clients won’t have any idea either. Your video content needs to be a part of your bigger picture marketing goals.

Set your goals for video and make it happen!

Here are some examples of how you can build your video strategy around these marketing goals:

  • Brand awareness: Create video around your core values and based on the characteristics you want to emulate.
  • Engagement: Ask your clients to record video testimonials, or encourage them to submit product reviews.
  • Thought leadership: Share your point of view or share your expertise in your field.
  • Trust: How-To videos remain the most popular video topic. Showing your clients how to do something builds instant trust.
  • Lead generation: Create 10 FAQ videos, 10 SAQ (should ask questions) videos and a couple of videos that people can access when they subscribe.
  • Sales: Videos that show a product in action are the best tool to build consumer confidence. As a bonus, shooting unboxing videos when new shipments arrive generates excitement among your fans.

Taking the time to map out how video will serve your marketing goals will help you build video content that is good for business.