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How video can define and build your brand

How video can define and build your brand

Video can make you, your product and your brand instantly recognizable.

I think about video every single day. I think about the Sad Cat Diaries on YouTube. I think about my clients’ completed videos. I think about the video sitting on one of four external hard drives waiting to be edited. I think about making better, branded videos all the time.

It did not surprise me at all when I came across the perfect example of how branding your company using video can be THE DECIDING FACTOR for prospective clients. It happened so quickly and in the most unusual of places: Costco.

A woman stopped at the end of one of the aisles to look at the blenders piled high. She had just picked up a box when her husband sauntered up, looked at the signage and said, “Are you kidding me? $350 for a BLENDER?”

“These are the guys we saw on YouTube,” she said.
“Oh, those guys,” he said, “I love these blenders!”

And into the cart went a $350 sale.

The blenders were manufactured by a company called Blendtec. Blenders are their only product, but the company’s video marketing campaign frequently results in viral videos.

When Blendtec started shooting “Will it Blend?” videos, their purpose was simple: let’s show consumers exactly what our blenders can do.  Over the last six years, I have watched the videos evolve into a series that is so perfectly “blended” (sorry) with their brand message: we sell premium blenders that can handle anything you throw into it. The company now takes submissions from viewers about what should be blended.

When you are considering using video as part of your content marketing, you need to first decide if you want to produce video on a regular basis, or if you just want one or two company profile videos. Whatever you decided to feature – your services or your products –  the messaging should be consistent, entertaining and purposeful.  As I witnessed at Costco, when you successfully use video to complement your brand, that will translate into sales and a positive customer experience.

What would your ideal “branded” video look like?