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Knowing the power of DIY video

Knowing the power of DIY video

Why is DIY video so popular?

The answer to the question is so simple. DIY video is hugely accessible to everyone.

If you have a smartphone, you have access to a powerful pocket producer. With every updated version, the technological advances are startling. If you own an iPhone 6, you have the ability to shoot 4K video – that is a quality that could only be found in the priciest of professional cameras.

Today’s consumers are living – and capturing – their lives by the seat of their pants. Literally. On a daily basis, we make the decision to leave our larger cameras and video cameras behind and favour using our smartphones to document our memories.

DIY video has gained massive acceptance in our business lives. Where once video quality was the dominating factor in video production, todays audiences are more focussed on the quality of the content.

When you park your reservations about quality and editing skills, you can open the door to connecting with your potential clients through transparent, less-than-perfect video.

If it's good enough for POTUS, it's good enough for you.

If it’s good enough for POTUS, it’s good enough for you.

The key to success with DIY video is being well aware of who your audience is and what they already like. You’ll want to keep an eye on what they share, like and post.

But there are also actions you can take, right now, to start working the magic with DIY video.

  • If something lights a fire and you want to share, use live streaming to capture your passion in the moment. Don’t wait to hire a professional production company.
  • If you are with a client, jump into the DIY video frame together. Have a conversation, demonstrate a product, show some behind the scenes of your meeting. Don’t go it alone.
  • Take the time to move photos and video off your smartphone to make room for those spur of the moment videos. Don’t discover that you do not have space to save that video your just filmed.
  • Join a video challenge to get yourself comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t be shy, most people in a challenge are new or rusty too.
  • Share your experience and knowledge to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Don’t assume people know what you know; teach them.

Video works for any kind of business. If you want to build a presence with your clients, you need to create fresh video content on a regular basis. DIY video gives you the opportunity to create anytime, anywhere. Don’t be afraid to stumble; it’s your imperfection and vulnerability that make you unique, while at the same time building a common bond with your clients.