Video & Millennials: Marketing to a visual generation

Video & Millennials: Marketing to a visual generation

Millennials are quickly becoming the decision makers for B2B transactions

As they forge ahead in their career paths, 73% of millennials are involved in directing the product or service purchases at their companies. Millennials are being trusted with making decisions for everything from paper clips to professional services. A recent study from marketing firm Sacunas examined the buying habits of millennials in a B2B context and their findings confirmed that this digitally savvy demographic makes purchasing decisions based on discovery from search engines, vendor websites and social media. Having grown up with technology at their fingertips, millennials turn to digital channels in the initial phases of researching new products and services.Millennials decision making

Digital by default

The first place millennials head to when researching a product or service is the web, and usually on a mobile device. The millennials in the survey indicated they use mobile for research when travelling, between meetings and at home, preferring to watch video on mobile devices over reading text. This is a generation raised on visually appealing content, a preference that carries over into their careers. In the survey, millennials rated video content as the format of choice when researching B2B products or services.

Video and Millennials

What kind of information are they seeking? Millennials want practical advice that can be beneficial from the start; training and demos and product news top the list.


If you haven’t yet added video to your marketing mix, you’ll want to review who is making the decisions at the companies with which you want to work. If millennials are making the purchasing decisions, it’s time to ramp up your video content.



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