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Flickering lights

When I was a kid in school, teachers used to flick the lights on and off to get our attention.  Nowadays, if the lights in a classroom flicker, I have every confidence that there would be a flurry of activity as students pull out their smartphones to check Twitter and Facebook for news of an approaching storm.  From millenials to babies born this year, it will be an enormous challenge to get the attention of this market.  These are kids who were born into technology -  it is the only way they find information, share news, and make purchasing decisions. This

How video can define and build your brand

Video can make you, your product and your brand instantly recognizable. I think about video every single day. I think about the Sad Cat Diaries on YouTube. I think about my clients' completed videos. I think about the video sitting on one of four external hard drives waiting to be edited. I think about making better, branded videos all the time. It did not surprise me at all when I came across the perfect example of how branding your company using video can be THE DECIDING FACTOR for prospective clients. It happened so quickly and in the most unusual of places: Costco. A

You never forget your first

I had the good fortune to meet J'Val Shuster when I delivered a little presentation about video and your business at a full-day workshop.  I had heard of Devour Events & Catering and I knew a lot of people who knew J'Val, but out paths had never crossed.  When we finally got to speak, I could feel the mutual respect and admiration. When she requested a meeting shortly after, I was thrilled to be able to discuss, develop and follow through on a video agenda for this most amazing catering company.  I was hungry (pun intended) for the job.  I was

You’ll Just Know

When you jump in with fear, you'll know if it's right.  We hear the saying all the time: when you meet the right person, you'll know. I thought I knew when I met my first husband. But now that it's all said and really done, I knew deep down we were not right for each other. When I met my second husband, I knew for sure that this was THE GUY! I know he knew it too when, on our very first date, I told him he was full of shit, and he laughed at me when he explained why there was a