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On-Demand Discovery

It's not that long ago that settling down in front of the television to watch your favourite program was as natural as eating breakfast. When I was a kid, every Saturday night my mom and I would sit on the couch, TV tables set up, Swanson frozen dinners fresh out of the oven, to watch The Love Boat. It was one hour of family time, a ritual that lasted for almost a decade. Fifteen years later, I repeated the ritual with my best friend on Thursday nights to watch friends, Frasier, and ER. Instead of dinner, we shared chips and

How voice search will impact video marketing and your SEO

As voice search becomes more commonplace, your video needs to be easily found.   I had an epiphany last year when we added Google home to the appliances cluttering our kitchen counter. I never wanted the device in my house. I did not see the purpose of it. Sure, it could play music and podcasts, but so could my phone. It could tell me the weather and give me a rundown of the news headlines, but so could the morning news I watched every day as I sipped my coffee. To me, Google home was just another piece of technology that could listen

Video Marketing in the house

Is your business creating video for the right audience? We all know that video marketing is a critical tool for our businesses. YouTube continues to be the most popular platform, but Facebook has been gaining momentum and now has more video uploads than YouTube. Businesses of all sizes should be looking at where the marketing budgets are being spent; marketing departments need to seriously consider creating video campaigns; social media teams need to know what are the top video platforms. Video can be more than just a medium to reach new customers. Companies are now building in-house production teams with the goal of

How to shape your video content to your ideal client

Crafting your ideal avatar story will steer your video content in the right direction   When you think about adding video to your marketing mix, it's not enough to just shoot a video, post it on your site and hope for the best. You need to start the process by really knowing who your ideal client is and what problem you are specifically solving. Before you turn on the camera, a worthy exercise is to tell your ideal client story in as much detail as possible. Take time to consider every part of the client story - age, gender, profession, hobbies, family unit,

Video & Millennials: Marketing to a visual generation

Millennials are quickly becoming the decision makers for B2B transactions As they forge ahead in their career paths, 73% of millennials are involved in directing the product or service purchases at their companies. Millennials are being trusted with making decisions for everything from paper clips to professional services. A recent study from marketing firm Sacunas examined the buying habits of millennials in a B2B context and their findings confirmed that this digitally savvy demographic makes purchasing decisions based on discovery from search engines, vendor websites and social media. Having grown up with technology at their fingertips, millennials turn to digital channels in the initial

Measuring the ROI of video

As business owners, we want to know the ROI of everything I am asked these 3 questions almost daily: Is DIY video okay? What's the best place to put my video? How do I know if my video is working? These three questions can be drilled down into the core question of "What is the ROI (return on investment) of video?". The answers to those questions will have a direct effect on your business and can be a insightful measure of the performance of your website, your social media and your video. Your ROI can be measured by the amount of effort, planning and choices you

Facebook Video: Do you know where your clients are?

If your clients are on Facebook, that's where you need to park your video. Last year, ChicFlicks created a video for Leadership Matters, highlighting one of the summer camps offered to children. We parked the video on YouTube and the company website. There was moderate traffic to both sites. With the growth of Facebook video, I advised my client to upload the video directly to that social media platform. Leadership Matters did just that, and made the decision to allocate a moderate budget to promoting the video. After less than a week, the view count is over 2,000. Considering the target market for the summer camps, using

Excuse me, but where is the person I saw on YouTube?

When crafting your business video identity, there is one important message you need to convey: WHO ARE YOU? We hear a lot of buzz about being the most awesome YOU you can be, that nobody can be YOU better than you, that YOU are your brand. It is all true, and when it comes to video, you need to be the MOST AUTHENTIC YOU. If you want to create a persona for a video series, then come up with something that reflects your values. If you are fun and flirty, then your video should be light-hearted and fun. If you want to