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Video Marketing Case Study – Facebook Live Video


Video Marketing Case Study – Facebook Live Video

How a Facebook Live Strategy brought new business and awareness to Tasha Belix, child psychologist


The Rundown:

Tasha Belix and I have been talking about video for a couple of years. I sent a proposal after our first meeting in 2015, but it died on the vine. Tasha, who was still building her signature program, B’Teen Girls, a groundbreaking program for girls ages 9-12, was not yet ready to take the plunge into video. Earlier this year, I ran into Tasha at an event, and she was enthusiastically asking me questions about Facebook Live. What did I know? Could I teach her how to use it? I suggested she book a one-one-one Facebook Live training and strategy session, and she did.

Tasha had not yet ventured into the realm of Facebook Live, and was curious about how it worked, what the impact could be and if it was the right choice for her business. Naturally, she was little camera shy, primarily because she would be broadcasting live from her business page and had concerns about professionalism. After we talked for 90 minutes, examining her business, talking about her programs and discovering what she hoped to achieve with video, we went live on the Chicflicks Facebook page. We chose a relevant topic, something that everyone was already talking about: the controversial Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.


The Goals:
    • To generate more interest in the services Tasha has to offer
    • Reach a new audience of parents with girls in her target age group
    • Establish Tasha’s expertise in the field of child psychology as it pertains to pre-teen and teenage girls


The Approach:
    • Create a realistic plan for Tasha, providing specific topics and examples of the kinds of live video she can create, how to create them, and how often to go live
    • Every live video should be boosted, within the budget of under $25.00
    • Help Tasha understand how to go live, practice some set ups, and go live with her immediately after our planning and strategy meeting
    • Boost the first live video from the ChicFlicks page for 24 hours, with a spend of $5


The Results:
    • Within the first 24 hours of posting to Facebook, the video was viewed more than 2,000 times
    • Within 48 hours, two new clients booked Tasha for private sessions and an upcoming B’Tween Girls Workshop
    • Tasha was booked as a guest speaker for a national radio program to speak about 13 Reasons Why


The Feedback:

Confidence level with Facebook live before our meeting: “The technical aspects of shooting Facebook live, including lighting, topics, length of time and the “brand voice” I wanted online was all pretty low, 5/10.”

Confidence level after our meeting and once the marketing plan was handed over: “After the step by step plan and actually practicing my first video with Dana at our initial and only meeting, 8/10.”

Biggest a-ha moment: “That I am an expert at what I do and people want to hear what I have to say. The quick feedback, online dialogue and CBC radio contacting me within 48 hours of my first video was awesome. I could have written 20 blogs and not reached as many readers.”

View count and ad spend: “I do a video each week, typically Wednesday and consistently get over 1000 hits. My post from last Wednesday is at 2.1 K after 6 days. I typically spend $21 on boosting, $3/day for 7 days and target my ideal client demographic.”

Summary: “I have getting feedback from lots of people and I have been getting lots of new clients lately.  My thought is that they need to see me several times on Facebook live, to build a relationship and then they will connect.”


Since the original posting of this case study, Tasha caught the attention of Olympic gold medalist Chandra Crawford, who founded a groundbreaking initiative to encourage young women to stay engaged in sports called Fast and Female. Chandra visited one of Tasha’s workshops, and promptly asked Tasha to speak at the Fast and Female Summit in Calgary in October.

That is a fantastic RETURN ON INVESTMENT in just 3 months!

UPDATE #2 – January 2018

Tasha was a keynote speaker at the Fast and Female summit on October 29, 2017. Her presentation was so well-received, that Chandra asked Tasha to create a curriculum specifically for Fast and Female. She is currently working on that curriculum and will soon be training professional coaches the skills they need to empower and encourage their athletes.


  • Tasha

    July 26, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Hi Dana,
    It’s a pretty impressive case study. Dana you are a wizard.

  • Manaj Banerjee

    July 15, 2018 at 1:43 am

    Hi Tasha,
    Your video is really great but I want to know something from a different angle and that is: how to write about the visual text of a video irrespective of the subject and how to market it to get to the right audience?

    • ChicFlicks

      July 16, 2018 at 11:37 am

      Hi Manaj,
      Can you clarify what you mean about writing the visual text of a video?