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The benefits of working with a YouTube partner

The benefits of working with a YouTube partner

I recently discovered that the ChicFlicks YouTube channel was awarded partner status.

I wanted to throw a party, and have a special sign made, a la Ron Burgundy.

But I quickly realized that being a YouTube partner doesn’t automatically make you a big deal. It’s what you do with the status that matters.

That’s right.


Being a YouTube partner means I can brand my videos and take part in some revenue sharing. I can upload custom thumbnails and those annoying little ads will now be popping up on my videos.

What it means for my clients, is more impressive.  Working with a YouTube partner puts your video at the VERY TOP of video searches. Content will be delivered to the largest worldwide online video community viaYouTube and its syndication partners without any restrictions. As a partner, the “Suggested Videos” pop-up that shows up near the end of the video you are watching will feature only thumbnail links to videos on the ChicFlicks channel (including out-takes!).

As a partner, I now have access to a variety of tools, forums, workshops and programs.  One of those programs solicits input from partners on various topics, such as what new categories should be added. Workshops are designed to help me maximize exposure and teach me some new tricks to get your video noticed (one of which is to subscribe to the ChicFlicks channel and encourage your friends to do the same).

I’l be working my way through these new enhancements over the coming months and setting time aside to take some workshops.  What I learn, I will share, so you too can maximize your reach. As we all know, the super-integration that is the Google machine means everything is connected. When I subscribe to your channel, my community can see that, and that in turn will serve your SEO well.