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The power of a video testimonial

The power of a video testimonial

Take your word of mouth marketing to a higher level with video


Every day, we find ad cards, notepads and fridge magnets inside our mailboxes. But truthfully, how many times have you actually reached out to someone who randomly appeared there among the bills and community news?


Businesses are built on referrals and real-life experience. When you need a lawyer or a real estate agent, do you go straight to your mug cupboard? No. You reach out to your family, friends and community. We put high value in the experiences of people we trust.


Word-of-mouth marketing is more powerful and influential than any mailer or billboard. As a business owner, you have spent time and effort building a community. You have trusting relationships with your clients who recommend you in a heartbeat. I call these clients “SUPERFANS”. Superfans will sing your praises every single time. They network for you and connect you in ways you may never hear about.


Want to leverage your superfans? Then think about asking them to appear in a professionally produced testimonial video. A testimonial video puts power behind the praise into a compelling, convincing message that that will influence future clients and build up trust in your business.