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How video marketing can be like the best frozen yogurt

How video marketing can be like the best frozen yogurt

Are you ever really satisfied with just plain froyo? Probably not, and with video marketing, more toppings means a more fulfilling experience.



Run of the mill, one flavour only.

Boring. If you only ever create one video, don’t anticipate much action. That’s like having vanilla frozen yogurt every single time you go the shop. Mix it up a bit. If you can’t afford a double scoop, add some flavour with live or DIY video.


Plain with Chocolate Sauce

Saucy, but safe.

You can sweeten your one video by running it through an editor. If possible, add another layer of interest to your video with some fun graphics. The internet is blessed with a variety of free, easy to use editing software that can help you enhance your video.

Gummies on top, fruit on the bottom

A little something unexpected.

Once you have a decent mix of video, it’s time to uplevel. The gummies on the top are what people want – and expect – to see: helpful, informative, educational video. But as viewers advance through your playlist, your social media or your website, they will be delighted to find video that is not what they expected. This can be outtakes, behind-the-scenes, or alternate uses for your products (Blendtec comes to mind).


All Dressed

Treats galore. A delightful mix of fun and flavour.

Video marketing isn’t just a one and done deal. A strategic marketing plan will examine the different video options, evaluate what will work for your business and your clientele, and plan a roll-out that will maximize your return on investment. Building a hub of content takes time, but it will be worth the effort and, like your best dressed froyo, will be something to be remembered.

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  • Dani Bellamy

    August 27, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    As a voiceover, I’ve contributed to many marketing videos and I love this post (though to be honest I like anything that involves frozen treats!).
    Here’s to more of the ‘All dressed’ variety!