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Video Marketing Case Study – Facebook Video


Video Marketing Case Study – Facebook Video

How Canada Rail Vacations used Facebook to launch a video

The Rundown:

Since 1995, Canada Rail Vacations has been creating custom “trips of a lifetime” through the Canadian landscape. Their specialty is creating exciting rail vacations using the world-acclaimed Rocky Mountaineer train, a two-day, all daylight rail journey through Canada’s West and the Canadian Rockies.

After hiring ChicFlicks to create 15 FAQ videos and a welcome video, Canada Rail Vacations was ready to move on to the next project. The rail travel company hired ChicFlicks to edit a Rocky Moutaineer video and customize it for use across various platforms. The video needed to combine sweeping footage of the voyage, still photos from photographer Neil Zeller, and video shot by owner Martin Flanagan while on board the train.

Once the video was complete, we made the conscious decision to post the video first to Facebook and then roll it out to other platforms. The next 72 hours resulted in a whirlwind of activity, all of which is indicated in the results below.

The Goals:

  • To generate more interest in the services Canada Rail Vacations offers
  • Reach a new audience looking for alternate travel options
  • To have the video on the website landing page

The Approach:

  • Combining pre-existing footage, create a short and informative video about the Rocky Mountaineer tours offered by Canda Rail Vacations
  • Create a YouTube channel to host the video
  • Test Facebook video reach by posting the video first to the social media platform

The Results:

  • Within the first 24 hours of posting to Facebook, the video was viewed more than 2,500 times
  • After 48 hours, the video was again posted to Facebook as an A/B test and that subsequent posting earned over 4,000 views in 12 hours
  • Over the course of 72 hours, both versions of the video had combined views of more than 12,000 and were shared more than 300 times.
  • Tourism Calgary asked to post the video on their website, on their screens at the Calgary airport and at the Calgary Tower
  • The video was boosted on Facebook to specific target markets – Australia and the United States. In 24 hours, the boosted videos earned 7,800 views.


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