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Video Marketing in the house

Video Marketing in the house

Is your business creating video for the right audience?

We all know that video marketing is a critical tool for our businesses. YouTube continues to be the most popular platform, but Facebook has been gaining momentum and now has more video uploads than YouTube.

Businesses of all sizes should be looking at where the marketing budgets are being spent; marketing departments need to seriously consider creating video campaigns; social media teams need to know what are the top video platforms.

Video can be more than just a medium to reach new customers. Companies are now building in-house production teams with the goal of creating video that aligns with the company brand – not only with external customers, but with internal ones as well.

Video is a great way to connect with new hires, roll out training programs, and celebrate the company culture

Remember those recruitment videos we were all forced to watch? How about the health & safety videos? The videos about theft, greeting your customer, and how to smile through the most mundane of tasks are still going strong in the corporate world. Yes, there is a need for those kinds of videos, and there always will be.

Keep your employees involved

With their visual upbringing, your future employees are well adjusted to learning through video, but they are also extremely adept at communicating through that medium. As a business owner, you want your employees to be involved, interested and engaged – and video is a great way to do just that. Video is an easy way to demonstrate something and then have someone accurately emulate it and you can train large numbers at the same time.

A strong connection to your brand

When you hire an in-house videographer – or create a dedicated team  – the production crew can build a deeper understanding of your company more fully. Instead of working with a few members of the team to complete a one-off project, an in-house videographer can get to know more people at the company and more deeply grasp how the business works.

Making magic on a regular basis

A videographer who becomes a part of your office is able to be spontaneous and record authentic video as things happen, rather than trying to enter an environment for a limited time period and figure out how to make magic on the spot. From both a videographer and a business perspective, building a relationship through freelance projects is a great way to figure out if you’re a fit for one another, but bringing one on board is a game changer.

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