Welcome to the self-directed program designed to give you a giant leap forward in your video marketing!

Video Prep School is not just a how-to course. Over the next 7 weeks, you’ll ditch your fears, move past your obstacles and embrace your hidden video marketing superpower (hint: you had that superpower when you were a kid). At the end, you’ll have a clear view of the kind of video content you need to create specific for your business.

In Video Prep School, the workbook and video will guide you to:

ChicFlicks_prep-bullet Learn about the different types of video you need to create.
ChicFlicks_prep-bullet Learn how to create video that sells, without being sales-y.
ChicFlicks_prep-bullet Discover strategies for creating content and map out a year of video content.
ChicFlicks_prep-bullet Learn how to effectively use your smartphone to film your videos, how and where to upload and how to make sure your videos are SEO-optimized.

You’ve heard over and over that you need video to grow your business. You’ve shot some video with your smartphone, but then deleted it when you:

A) Thought it was crap
B) Lost the nerve to share it
C) Heard that do-it-yourself video is unprofessional

⇒ Nonsense. All of that is utter nonsense.

There is a time and place for do-it-yourself video.

Your potential clients will LOVE that you are genuine and transparent. And human.

You have so much of value to share – that’s why you’re in business in the first place.