The value of adding a virtual pass to your event

The value of adding a virtual pass to your event

You’ve spent countless hours planning your event. Your speakers are lined up, your sales page is open to the public, you are refreshing your browser and watching the ticket sales. But you’ve also been receiving emails from people who have other plans the same day as your event. People will be out of town, or do not have the financial resources required to travel.

The world is so connected to the internet, it would be easy to bring your event to those who cannot be physically present with a virtual pass.

Virtual attendees are the fastest growing segment in the conference/meeting/event realm. Offering people the opportunity to attend your event without having to leave the comfort of their own homes or being able to tune in without losing a day at work can add huge value and reach to your offering.

Adding live streaming to your event or hiring a videographer to record the event and delivering a downloadable product within 48 hours will add production costs, but you can offset those costs by offering a lower-priced option for those who wish to virtually attend. It’s important to not make any of this content freely accessible to the public after the event.

Think about this: virtual access equals widespread access.

Allowing potential attendees to check out your event at a reasonable price tag can encourage people to travel to your next event. A virtual pass will provide a backstage pass to those in remote areas or those who are unfamiliar with what your event offers, and can be a powerful and influential marketing tool.

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