Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

For the entire month of September, I’ll be sharing some insights into how you can take advantage of what you know and share your message through video. There’s a buzzword that you’ve already heard and may find yourself wondering how it can apply to you and your business: BRANDING.

If you’ve ever taken a marketing class, you know that branding is not a new concept. There are some heavy hitters in branding case studies: the Nike swoosh, the Target bulls eye, the Apple, um, apple, but branding how now been expanded to cover more than just an eye-catching vector.

When it comes to small business, branding has to focus more on the proprietor than the logo. It’s like a high-school popularity contest: you want the most people – or clients – to like you. If you are genuine, then you will attract the right clients; if you try to conform to what you think others want to see, then you will not be true to yourself. See, just like high school.

Ironically, your personal brand was already being established in high school. Were you the diligent, task-oriented student? The kid who got along with everyone? The one who still giggled when the science teacher talked about Uranus? The student who argued that the potato chips should be closer to the cash register at the cafeteria so you didn’t have to go through the whole line? These were my friends in high school. The accountant. The HR manager. The early childhood educator. The merchandiser.

If you think about the qualities that defined you in high school, you can use that as a guideline to determine your brand. Ask yourself one question: Who do you think you are? The answer will provide you with a clear identity that can translate to your business.

Here are my answers:
I am creative.
I am easy going.
I am social.
I am funny.
I am a storyteller.
I am supportive.
I am encouraging.
I am observant.
I am tenacious.

It is these traits that define me and that are shaping the brand I am building with ChicFlicks.
It is these qualities that emerged when I worked on the script for my own video.

Move your business from bland to BRAND from ChicFlicks on Vimeo.

It’s your turn: Who do you think you are?

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